Gaucher disease Treatment

There is currently no cure for Gaucher, but different therapies are available which may help treat many of the major symptoms.1

Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT)1

ERT is designed to work by replacing the missing or deficient enzyme. So the fatty molecules (cerebrosides) are removed by natural processes.

Substrate Reduction Therapy (SRT)1

SRT is designed to work by reducing the amount of fatty molecules (cerebrosides) in the body, so the enzyme has less work to do.

Patients with Gaucher disease may also be given medicines that help manage their symptoms (e.g. pain killers).2 These do not treat Gaucher disease itself but may help reduce the impact it has on the body.2

How is Gaucher disease inherited?

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This leaflet hopes to answer questions about the inheritance of Gaucher disease.
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In this video Gaucher disease patients discuss how they were diagnosed.
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What are Lysosomal Storage Disorders?
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How is Gaucher disease diagnosed?
Symptoms Infographic
Symptoms Infographic
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Symptoms Infographic